Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys Who Love to Be Outside

Have boys in your family? We do, and we’ve found that the coolest Christmas gifts fuel their love of playing “wild man” outdoors. Here are five gifts that have proven a big hit with all our kids – from the 13-year-old to the 5-year-old.

Gift Ideas for Boys

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Military Surplus Vests with loads of pockets for storing a pocket knife, matches, toys, whatever your guy likes to carry on his adventures. Most of the time, our kids don’t carry anything in the pockets . . . they just love looking like real soldiers. 😀

Canteen – Hey, a guy is sure to get thirsty when he’s conquering the known world or scaling Mount Everest. This collapsible model holds two quarts and won’t make sloshing sounds when it’s half empty. An insulated cover is sold separately.

Gift ideas for boys - canteen

The canteen can be worn over the shoulder with the included strap or attached to the back of the vest.

A Swiss Army Knife never goes out of style. There are so many little tools and doodads on this thing that this mom can’t even figure out what they all do. The boys always find a way to use them all!

A folding shovel-pick combo is the ultimate in boys’ survival gear. Who wouldn’t feel like the greatest & most well-prepared mountain man with one of these? Our son James actually won one at our local Youth Day at the Range a couple years ago, and it’s been a huge hit. It took me a while to convince them not to dig in our yard, though!

Our kids use these items for fun (oh, excuse me, I meant to say that they use them for their important expeditions), but the canteen, Swiss Army knife, and folding shovel also make practical additions to your family’s emergency preparedness supplies.

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? What will you be giving your kids this year?


  1. My boys enjoy being outdoors and we camp on weekends in the summer. These would be nice gifts for them.

    • Glad you enjoyed the suggestions, Terra. If you end up getting any of these for your boys, let me know! I’d love to see pics. :-)

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