Popping Popcorn Over the Campfire

You’ve probably roasted marshmallows over a campfire, and you’ve probably roasted hotdogs over the campfire. But have you ever popped popcorn over a campfire?

No? Well, you’re missing all the fun! Come on, let’s give it a try.

Years ago, we bought an old-fashioned popcorn popper . . . the kind families used at home in the 1800s . . . and we love it! We take it along every time we go camping so we can munch on bowls of light fluffy popcorn. Mmmmmm.

There are other ways to pop popcorn over a campfire, but I highly recommend picking up one of ┬áthese open fire popcorn poppers. They really make it so easy, and they’re fun to use.

Just throw in a handful of popcorn. (Personally, we love Orville Reddenbacher because it pops up so well and doesn’t leave too many unpopped kernels.)

Then pour in some cooking oil, maybe 2 or 3 tablespoons. You’ll want enough to coat the kernels, but you don’t want them swimming in the oil.

Attach the lid and hold the popper over your campfire. Your fire should be burning well but not blazing up super-high. You can pop popcorn over a hot bed of coals too.

Shake the popper almost continuously as you hold it over the campfire. If it stays in place too long, the kernels or popped corn will scorch. When the popping starts, shake more vigorously.

Having Fun Popping Popcorn on the Campfire

Keep shaking until the popping slows down and then move the popper away from the fire. Be careful – the metal will be VERY hot!!

Let the popper cool for a couple minutes and then remove the lid. Pour the popcorn into bowls, salt it with a little popcorn salt if you’d like, and enjoy!

Yum, yum, yum!


  1. Isabella says:

    I have fond memories of doing this :)

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